Cast Breakdown

RoleEthnicityGenderAgeRole description
Leads (3)Prefer diversity
Dr. Jon TaylorAnyM identifyingMid 30sMath Ace - Principal
MJ CalhounAnyF identifyingMid 30sMom - Alum
Bork HillAnyM identifyingMid 30sNarcissistic Head Coach
Featured (5)
Izzy LopezAnyF identifyingLate teensOverachieving Student
KeeferAnyM identifyingLate teensMJ's son
Dahla/Hoopty/Russ/God AnyGNAnyBureaucrat/Repo/auctioneer/deity
Zacharias WrightCaucasianM identifying50+God-baiting televangelist
Wanda Jo WrightAsian American / Eastern EuropeanF identifying40+Z’s sad, mail order wife
Ensemble (3-30)
Can be doubled by Featured roles or split to accommodate a large cast as needed
Philbert / Cletus*
Double for Zacharias
AnyM identifying35+Gun nut military dad
Wanda Jo can double.
AnyF identifying40+Disdainful citizen
Football player / Teachers / Judgy Woman / EnsembleAnyGNAny